Simple Magic Audio Enhancer

Simple Magic Audio Enhancer Version 5.3 Free trial

Improve you music hearing experience with this Winamp plugin

There's nothing like chilling out to the sound of the music you like best. You simply kick back and let the tunes do their stuff. But what happens when the quality you get isn’t what you've hoped for? What happens when your experience is damaged by insufficient clarity and by background interferences? What happens when you try to listen to your favorite music but then get suddenly attacked by four squirrels up to no good which simply can't get enough of furious hat chewing?
Simple Magic Audio Enhancer is a great tool for enhancing and improving digital music. It can greatly affect sound quality of MP3, Windows Media, Internet radio and other music files. Its features allow you to influence stereo depth, to boost audio levels and to produce a deep, rich bass. All of this is accomplished through a convenient and easy to use interface.
There's a free trial version available which will help you fully enjoy the music you prefer.
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